Dalhousie is one of the most famous hill stations of Himachal Pradesh

Five Facts About Dalhousie That Will Make You Think Twice.

Dalhousie also offers a breathtaking view of the glorious snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountain Range located in Jammu and Kashmir, Sach Pass, and Chamba’s Pangi Valley. This enchanting hill station has a number of tourist attractions such as Lohali village, Kalatop, Dainkund peak, Bakrota hills, and the Tibetan market. The beautiful Khajiar valley is also quite popular with visitors.

Interesting Facts about Dalhousie

  • Dalhousie is about 80 km from Pathankot and is a quiet hill station, most of which has gone by remote sightseers.
  • Lord Dalhousie, one of India’s emissaries, is commemorated by the name.
  • The design of the city gives a poignant indication of the time of the British pilgrim and radiates an old-world appeal.
  • It has four primary houses of worship of St. John’s Church (worked in 1903 A.D), St. Patrick’s Church (1909 A.D), St. Andrew’s Church, and St. Francis’ Church.
  • Dalhousie is one of the finest slope resorts in India in terms of excellence, atmosphere, and a pleasant environment.
  • Dalhousie is home to a multi-year-old temple, i.e. The Temple of Lakshmi Narayan.

In this article, I’m going to talk about how you can plan a trip to Dalhousie, including details about how to get there, what to see, where to stay, and how much it will cost you.

How to Reach

Dalhousie is located in the Himachal Pradesh district of Chamba in northern India. On five hills, the modern town was built. . The majestic Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, steep and snow-capped, is directly across the street, so close that you can almost brush up against it. It is 85 kilometers from Pathankot, 172 kilometers from Jammu, and 560 kilometers from Delhi.

How to reach Dalhousie by Road?

The town is located on the hills, the only option is to reach Dalhousie by road. There is no train station or airport in Dalhousie, so there will definitely be a lot of road travel involved. The good news is that the nearby town of Pathankot is very well connected by train and flight, so you can easily find a mode of transportation for the final leg of your journey.

Dalhousie is very well connected by road, and getting there will be no problem. I’m going to begin by explaining the route you’re going to take if you’re traveling by your own vehicle, either a car or a motorcycle. For the sake of this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve started your journey from Delhi.

It’ll take you about 10 to 11 hours to get to Dalhousie. We started my car from my home in Delhi at around 7:55 a.m. and reached 9:40 p.m. We delayed because of” kissan Andolan”.

The condition of the road is super smooth all the way and that’s why travel time isn’t too high. Until Pathankot, it’s a super smooth highway, but it’s got a lot of tolls. I think you’re going to pay Rs. 500 in toll charges between Delhi and Pathankot. The good part is that the road is very well maintained and you can easily keep up with a constant speed.

Best things to do in Dalhousie:

Boating on the Chamera Lake

One of the most famous lakes near Dalhousie, Lake Chamera is famous for its boating. Even though it’s a little expensive, the experience is fantastic. You can see the stunning landscapes around from the boat and watch the sunset from the middle of the lake.

There are several options for boating: opt for a lazy ride down the lake or, if you’re thrilled by speed, zip through the water on a speedboat.

Dine at Café Dalhousie

Café Dalhousie is one of the most famous restaurants in Dalhousie. The best part of the place? It offers stunning views of the hills and valleys. Go here in the evening to watch the sunset and drink a cup of delicious lemon tea.

If you’re planning to go for dinner or lunch, they have an excellent selection of global cuisine. Choose from the menu or ask the friendly waiting staff for advice. But unfortunately it was closed because of corona.

Paragliding at Dalhousie

Paragliding is one of the most unforgettable experiences to encounter in Dalhousie. Adventure enthusiasts have a chance to choose between skydiving and hang gliding.

The best time to enjoy paragliding in Dalhousie is between September and November and January and June. Paragliding costs around Rs.1,500 in Dalhousie and is held in Khajjiar.

 Visit the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary for a day of fun and exploration. Catch a glimpse of the Himalayan bear and other exotic animals when you’re on a safari tour.

Those who love to explore nature can go on nature trails in the nature reserve. There is a small open section that is also ideal for a picnic.

Where to stay in Dalhousie

Dalhousie has more than 100 hotels in all categories spread across a wide range of ridges and lanes. The high season is May-June. Even though it’s a tiny hill station, you’ll still find small budget hotels with all the basic amenities in this town. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) operates a chain of hotels throughout the region.

They’re located in prime spots, Sometimes a stone’s throw away from some of the best attractions. They’re also clean and spacious with courteous and helpful staff. You can also ask for accommodation in local restaurants and small businesses. Many of them run their homes out of their own place of residence. This is a great and authentic way to get a local taste. If you’re visiting during the peak tourist season, it would be wise to book your stay in advance. Otherwise, it would be better to get to your destination first, find a hotel to your liking, and negotiate an on-site deal. If you want to stay in a place where there are fewer people around, try looking for a place around Bakrota Hills or Khajjiar.

If you’re traveling on a budget, try planning in July or August. Since there are fewer tourists in these months, you may get a good deal at the hotels. As far as photography is concerned, April, July, August, September and October are the best months to go. If you’re looking at stars and photographing stars, it’s best to avoid traveling during the monsoon season. Avoid January for trekking, February, July, and August.

What to pack

Wear warm clothes no matter what time of year you’re on the road. If you’re traveling in April, May or June, pack a lot of cotton clothes but keep a light jacket. Also, dress in layers so that you can put on or remove a layer when the temperature changes suddenly. In winter, thermal wear and heavy jackets are a must. Wear extra pairs of clean socks at all times.

Dalhousie is best explored on foot, so sturdy, all-terrain, all-weather footwear is a must. Remember, respect the sentiments of the local tribal people and do not wear clothes that are revealing, especially when visiting a holy place such as a monastery or temple.


Dalhousie is a great hill station and definitely worth visiting. Speaking of fun things to do, what are some of your favorite things to do on a holiday? Are you the person who just loves to relax and unwind, or are you the kind of person who loves to explore?

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