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10 Things You Should Do In Shimla.

About Shimla

Shimla also referred to as Simla, is that the capital and therefore the largest city within the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is named after Shyamala Mata, the incarnation of the goddess Kali. The temple, dedicated to the goddess and named Kali Bari Temple, is located near the Ridge.

The town is located at 2,276 meters (7,467 ft) and is known as the ‘queen of the hills.’ Prior to independence, It became the capital of Punjab, and finally the capital of Himachal Pradesh, after the state had come into existence.

The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a small village set at the foot of the Himalayas. This quaint city is situated on a narrow border that encompasses a variety of cultures from different eras and is unique when compared to the rest of the country. We have picked our favorite things to do and see.

Go hiking In Shimla.

The location of the town, at the bottom of the Himalayan Mountains, makes it ideal for loving the surrounding nature. Different spots offer hiking tours or day hikes up and down the mountains. The scenery is breathtaking, and many of the people traveling to this region come for the main purpose of trekking.

Jakhu Temple, Shimla

The most famous temple in town, Jakhu, located us up a steep hike on the side of the town. It is the sanctuary of the god Hanuman, one of the many in the Hindu religion. Devotees are found all around the temple waiting for daily sermons and food distribution.

Visit Rothney Castle

Rothney Castle is that the previous home of the naturalist Allan Octavian Hume on Jakhoo Hill, who founded the Indian National Congress in 1885. He is known as the father of ornithology, the study of birds. For a long time, the castle was home to the largest collection of stuffed Asian birds that were donated to the British Museum.

Mall Road

When it comes to places to visit for couples in Shimla, you can’t miss the Mall Road. Otherwise, the place is hip and happening in this hill station and attracts visitors of all ages. With a plethora of cafes, restaurants, showrooms, department stores, and shops selling trinkets and exclusive handicrafts, this is one place where you can soak in the spirit of life.

Do a little shopping at Him craft

Hand-crafted goods made by locals in the area, sold by him craft store which specializes in various forms of art native to the Himalayas. They sell anything from scarves to gloves, caps, shoes, jewelry, and paintings. Made from natural materials and offering the most authentic quality, these products are perfect for the weather in the region, or as gifts to people back home.

Christ Church, Shimla

One of the most prominent landmarks in Shimla is the second oldest church in northern India and boasts exceptional architectural beauty. This is a remarkable example of the neo-Gothic style of architecture. The historic church is located on the Ridge and dates back to 1857. An enduring legacy of the colonial rulers, the silhouette of this imposing building is visible from a distance.

View the birds at Himalayan Bird Park

The Himalayan Bird Park is a small park with a collection of exotic birdlife. The most famous native bird in the park is the monal pheasant, the symbolic bird of the Himachal state. The park also has an impressive array of rare plants.

Grab a book at Maria Brothers

An old bookshop in Shimla. Filled with everything from maps to historical accounts, shelves are packed with records and books from different eras. It’s a must-see for collectors and antique dealers.

Say a prayer Kali Bari Mandir

Kali Bari Mandir is a temple that has become a popular tourist attraction. It was built in 1845 for the goddess Kali, also known as Shyamala, who became a patron of the city and an inspiration for its name. It is a religious hub for the Hindus on Jakhu Hill, but it welcomes travelers from all over the world.

Grab a snack at Wake and Bake

After a day of trekking and sightseeing, Wake and Bake is the perfect pit stop for a snack and a cup of coffee. The menu includes a wide variety of food, from pizza to hummus, so you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger.


If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for places to visit in Shimla during December, make sure you include this destination in your itinerary. During the winter season, Mashobra, a small town in Shimla, becomes a paradise for winter game enthusiasts. The lush green expanse is covered with a glistening snow blanket that becomes an excellent base for skiing.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

Answering this question will depend on whether you’re planning a winter trip or a summer trip, and what exactly you’re looking for. The best time to plan Delhi to Shimla Road Trip is between March and June when the weather is moderate, making for an enjoyable long journey with nature in full bloom in the hills. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 28°C and will be pleasant for both days and nights.

Shimla Road Condition

The clean stretch between Delhi to Shimla offers a smooth run. Both NH1 between Delhi and Chandigarh then NH22 between Chandigarh and Shimla remain in excellent condition all year round. The only problem on this stretch earlier was the narrow roads and traffic of Kala, but with the Himalayan Expressway now in operation, the entire journey has turned into bliss.

Best Vehicle

There really isn’t the best vehicle like this. You’re going to find the locals here driving around the Maruti hatchbacks and even the scooters. All you need is a well-maintained vehicle and capable of handling the ups and downs of the mountain roads. In fact, you’ll find most of the taxi drivers using the Maruti Alto to show the tourists around.

Where to Stay in Shimla

Shimla is one of the most visited hill stations in our country, which means that finding a place to stay no matter what month you arrive here will not be a problem at all. Hotels are available in all areas, from luxury 5-star resorts to budget guesthouses. You can easily find a room here that is as low as Rs. 700 per night. As a matter of fact, as soon as you enter Shimla, You’re going to have agents chasing you for a good hotel deal. The hotels you can visit in Shimla:

• Wildflower Hall

• Hotel Combermere

•The Willow Banks

• East Bourne Resort and Spa

• The Koti resort

Shopping in Shimla

There are four places where you can go shopping. The first is the Mall Road, the heart of all action and activity. The second and cheaper option is the Tibetan market where you can negotiate good clothing deals.

The Lower Bazaar is even cheaper, but it’s more about buying commodities day-to-day than shopping. If you want to buy some decorative items, try Lakkar Bazaar.

Apart from these four places, the Himachal Emporium is also a good place to buy local handicrafts.

My favorite of all these is the Bazaar of Lakkar. It’s a great place to pick up a few souvenirs on the trip. You can try the Mall Road as well, but I found it better to eat than to shop.

Things to carry:

Pack as mild as feasible given the amount of avenue journey involved.

• Cotton clothing for the summer and a light jacket would work for the cooler nights. If you’re not traveling in winter, warmer clothes complete with thick socks and warmer jackets. Carry your windcheater and umbrella if you’re in the monsoons as well.

• Sturdy walking shoes, mandatory if you’re hiking, make sense given the amount of walking involved here.

• Sunscreen, especially if you’re going up to the higher reaches. Usual prescription medications.

• Mobile and tablet electronic chargers.


This is just a hand-selected list, and Shimla, of course, has a lot more wonders in store for you. This place witnesses a steady stream of visitors all year round, so book your room at one of the best hotels in Shimla well in advance. Those planning a trip to Shimla and Manali can also opt for Manali hotels. So, start planning your trip and give in to the call of the hills.

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